Looking for the diamond in the rough!

In between working at Old Savannah and shopping for all of her new fixtures, etc, we also spend a little time in the office.

What’s going on in the office?  Posting advertisements for homes, setting up appointments with contractors, and fielding calls from sellers.  We take every call!  And with every call, comes some research and a home visit!  For potential homes, we pull comps in the neighborhood, calculate the scope of work, and the value of the property. We present to the seller, & sometimes there is quite the disconnect; however, we want to be respectful of their expectations and educate them on how we calculate our offer.

We visited a home in the Belmont neighborhood last week, where the current owner had started remodeling (while living in it) and had run out of money.  Adorable home, in an up & coming neighborhood; unfortunately, with the money the homeowner had invested and the current value of the home, we could not settle on a price.

Here are some images of ‘Belmont’

We also visited a home off Freedom Drive, close to I-85.  It was an experience!  The home had been a rental property, and the last tenant left many of their belongings behind.   Not just belonging you could see, but ones you could smell . . . they clearly had a love for cats that was evident by the pungent odor as you walked in the door!  A bathtub inside the home was full of standing water, where a large family of mosiquitoes decided to take up residence.  We may have contracted a mosquito carried disease??  Despite the condition of the house, there were multiple offers, including ours.

Below are some pictures from our visit to Freedom:

What are we getting ourselves into???

Author: Hewbrick Properties

We are a premier real estate investment company in the Charlotte NC region. Our focus is on providing solutions to homeowners that help them move from a home they don't want, can no longer afford, or don't want to repair or maintain.

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