You’re So Vain!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their Forth of July holiday and were able to get a little R&R and enjoy time with family and friends.

We enjoyed our time off, and now back to the grind.  Today we have been focusing on the guest and master bathroom fixtures for Old Savannah.  Of course, we had a vanity in mind, but after a second visit to look at it, decided to go a different direction.  We are wanting to keep the vanity simple, yet have a bit of character.

Have you read about re-purposing old dressers as bathroom vanities?  I am sure we could come across an old dresser and refit it with a sink?  We have been doing some ‘Pinterest’ing’ trying to get some ideas.

Painted vanity?  What color?  Thoughts on counter top?  Marble vs Granite?  So many options!!!  What are your thoughts on the below?


Let us know your thoughts!

bath vanity 4bath vanity 5bath vanity 3bath vanity 2bath vanity 1



Author: Hewbrick Properties

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