Heat Wave!

Hopefully you are surviving this heat!  We have been trying to minimize our outside work, and when we are out, we try to limit it to the morning before the inferno cranks up.  The heat paired with the humidity,here in the south, can be immeasurable.

Good news is, we have plenty of work to do inside . . . and with our HVAC adjustments made, we have the air conditioning cranked up!  We finally have all of our ceilings Sheetrock-ed and almost ready for paint!  It is amazing how just your basic smooth ceiling updates the room.


And as mentioned last week, Christmas came early for us!  And by Christmas, I mean Home Depot delivery of our kitchen cabinets. Kitchen in a box!!!!  It is so exciting to know that this

box of kitchen

will soon look like this

Chris Hewitt Kitchen Rendering 1 (2)

Things are starting to heat up over at Old Savannah!!!!

Author: Hewbrick Properties

We are a premier real estate investment company in the Charlotte NC region. Our focus is on providing solutions to homeowners that help them move from a home they don't want, can no longer afford, or don't want to repair or maintain.

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