Many of today’s home buyers want open floor plans. Consider this concept for your next remodel.

One of the most popular “wants” of today’s home buyers is an open floor plan, which is also known as open concept.  Having separate, more formal rooms is fast becoming a thing of the past.  Open concept helps to keep families in touch with today’s busy lifestyle.  Parents helping their children with homework while cooking dinner, couples catching up after work, and a more versatile entertaining environment are what we hear from buyers when looking at our properties.  At Hewbrick Properties, we like to take older dated properties and make them more modern and on trend with what current buyers are looking for.    With this, here are some examples of what we have been doing to bring older homes up to date for today’s lifestyles.

The above images show how at our Cold Springs property we have opened up the living room and the kitchen.  You will notice we removed the wall between the two rooms which provides better flow, more natural light, as well as opens up these smaller spaces.  We also took down the half wall in the kitchen that had the stove up against on the other side.  These two walls not only inhibited the flow of the rooms, but also made it difficult to have an area large enough for a dining table in this space, which is needed for a home without a dining room.

These examples from our Westridge project show the difference after we removed the half wall and dated columns between the Kitchen and living area.   It not only opens the space but also helps with allowing natural light to flow through these spaces.

And lets not forget one of our favorite projects, ‘Olde Savannah’, where we removed the non-load bearing wall between the kitchen and den/family room to create a wonderful open space perfect for today’s lifestyle.

Open concept living isn’t for everyone nor is is feasible for every older home.  Creating an open floor plan is not a task for the novice do-it-yourselfer to try to tackle.  Removing load bearing walls without the proper support, using laminated or steel beams, is dangerous and can cause your home to collapse.  We recommend that anyone considering a remodel that will open their living spaces by removing walls consult with a licensed general contractor and/or an engineer.  They can determine if the wall to be removed is load bearing or not, as well as what type/size of support beam is needed to support the weigh the wall being removed has been supporting.  There are also electrical wires and plumbing pipes to be considered when removing walls.  Anytime work on electrical and plumbing are needed you should always have this work completed by a licensed professional.

Author: Hewbrick Properties

We are a premier real estate investment company in the Charlotte NC region. Our focus is on providing solutions to homeowners that help them move from a home they don't want, can no longer afford, or don't want to repair or maintain.

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