Hidden Treasures…’GOLD’?

When rehabbing homes you never know what you are going to find hidden behind walls or under existing flooring.  It is really a crap shoot when buying a home, even with a home inspection, because inspectors can only do a ‘visual inspection’.  So all we can do as Residential Rehabilitators is hope for the best but plan for the worst!

Hewbrick Properties is actively rehabbing 4 properties in the Charlotte metro area.  3 of the 4 properties were built in 1962 or earlier.  With this, the quality of construction tends to consist of solid wood floor joists, wall studs and solid oak wood flooring (vs. some of the engineered materials found in most new construction today).  We knew two of these 3 older properties, Miss Poston and Westridge, had solid oak flooring but the big hidden treasure was found under the carpet at Cold Springs!

This is what those of us in the residential rehabbing business consider ‘finding gold’!  In today’s real estate market, it is difficult to find nice solid hardwood floors in entry level modern homes.  When we find this type of hidden treasure we can’t help but to get really excited.

We also find it fun to see some of the history of the homes we are renovating.  In the living room at Cold Springs there was a top layer of Berber carpet covering a layer of linoleum most likely form the late 60’s or early 70’s

and under that we found another layer of linoleum that our guess is from the 50’s


Notice the gold flecks in the speckled background of this flooring.  This was laid on top of roofing tar paper typically used under roofing shingles that has helped protect the hardwoods underneath.  If this linoleum was glued to the wood flooring it would be difficult if not impossible to salvage the original oak flooring.

In what was being used as the Master bedroom at Cold Springs, there was the same Berber carpet that once peeled away we found a different linoleum.  More to come on what is hiding underneath this flooring.

We are also making progress on our Westridge property installing the hardwoods that had to be removed because of the water damage.

You’ll remember when we bought this home it had some pretty extensive damage to the oak flooring from a roof leak that had been ignored for quite some time.  We take pride at Hewbrick properties ensuring we are putting the homes we renovate back to the same quality as when they were built.  Carpet over the new plywood sub floor would have been adequate and ‘acceptable’ but not for Hewbrick Properties.  We pride ourselves on the quality we deliver and have our name and reputation associated with.

We appreciate your time reading our blog!  Please also visit us on our website at http://www.hewbrickproperties.com, on instagram – #hewbrickprop and Facebook under Hewbrick Properties, LLC

Author: Hewbrick Properties

We are a premier real estate investment company in the Charlotte NC region. Our focus is on providing solutions to homeowners that help them move from a home they don't want, can no longer afford, or don't want to repair or maintain.

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