Cheers to the weekend!!!

We are looking forward to the weekend.  We met with electricians, painters, flooring installers, and HVAC pros, this week.  We even had a huge Sheetrock delivery from the Home Depot!  

Next week, we will be putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.  Exterior painting will begin. The Sheetrock will be hung in the family room, and covering the textured ceilings. 

Have we talked about these textured ceilings?  They are not your typical popcorn ceilings from the 1970’s, that can be easily scraped.  These are textured to the point they have to be sanded or replaced.  Clearly, we chose to replace with new Sheetrock …hence a large portion of the HD delivery.  

We should have some great progress pictures of Old Savannah, next week.  

Stay tuned, and have an awesome weekend!   

You’re So Vain!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their Forth of July holiday and were able to get a little R&R and enjoy time with family and friends.

We enjoyed our time off, and now back to the grind.  Today we have been focusing on the guest and master bathroom fixtures for Old Savannah.  Of course, we had a vanity in mind, but after a second visit to look at it, decided to go a different direction.  We are wanting to keep the vanity simple, yet have a bit of character.

Have you read about re-purposing old dressers as bathroom vanities?  I am sure we could come across an old dresser and refit it with a sink?  We have been doing some ‘Pinterest’ing’ trying to get some ideas.

Painted vanity?  What color?  Thoughts on counter top?  Marble vs Granite?  So many options!!!  What are your thoughts on the below?


Let us know your thoughts!

bath vanity 4bath vanity 5bath vanity 3bath vanity 2bath vanity 1



Looking for the diamond in the rough!

In between working at Old Savannah and shopping for all of her new fixtures, etc, we also spend a little time in the office.

What’s going on in the office?  Posting advertisements for homes, setting up appointments with contractors, and fielding calls from sellers.  We take every call!  And with every call, comes some research and a home visit!  For potential homes, we pull comps in the neighborhood, calculate the scope of work, and the value of the property. We present to the seller, & sometimes there is quite the disconnect; however, we want to be respectful of their expectations and educate them on how we calculate our offer.

We visited a home in the Belmont neighborhood last week, where the current owner had started remodeling (while living in it) and had run out of money.  Adorable home, in an up & coming neighborhood; unfortunately, with the money the homeowner had invested and the current value of the home, we could not settle on a price.

Here are some images of ‘Belmont’

We also visited a home off Freedom Drive, close to I-85.  It was an experience!  The home had been a rental property, and the last tenant left many of their belongings behind.   Not just belonging you could see, but ones you could smell . . . they clearly had a love for cats that was evident by the pungent odor as you walked in the door!  A bathtub inside the home was full of standing water, where a large family of mosiquitoes decided to take up residence.  We may have contracted a mosquito carried disease??  Despite the condition of the house, there were multiple offers, including ours.

Below are some pictures from our visit to Freedom:

What are we getting ourselves into???

Busy Bees!


We have been a bit delayed in posting today because SO many exciting activities have been going on, and not just at Old Savannah (but that is for another day)!!

We were finally able to get the wall out between the family room and kitchen, and wow, did it make a difference!!!  Now, there is light across entire back of the house.

We went from this:

. . . to this!!!!

Oh, and did you notice the kitchen, or what is left of the kitchen?  We were able to get everything stripped from there, as well.

Before picture, below, for reference.

Needless to say, we filled a dumpster in a hot second.  We also learned something great thru this process . . . one man’s trash IS another man’s treasure.  This saying certainly rings true with Old Savannah.  Someone wanted the paneling from the den to re-purpose on their farm in a tack room and chicken coop.  Someone else took the kitchen cabinets to re-purpose for their workshop.  And someone else wanted some of the appliances.  And let’s not forget the win with the Lincoln Town Car.  It feels great to know that we were able to re-purpose some of the demo material and not send them to the landfill.

Check back on Friday to see what else we have been up to, besides Old Savannah!

More Demo!!!

One of the changes we are making to Old Savannah is the flow.  These days, people like to have a more open floor plan that is more conducive to families and entertaining.  We are looking to open the wall between the kitchen and the family room.

We were able to remove the plywood paneling, in the family room, pretty easily.  No surprises behind the wall.


What do you think about the panelling left in the room?  Should we salvage it with some neutral paint or replace it with Sheetrock?

Let’s Tear Some Things Up!!!!

The original homeowner is out of Old Savannah & what is the first thing we did?  We started tearing stuff up!!

Demo is so much fun and exciting!!!  This is the time when you can let loose and not worry (too much) about damaging anything . . . it’s coming out, right?  And you never know what you may uncover??

Shiny & New

We definitely discovered some unexpected things during this process.  Remember the shag carpet (aka ‘indoor green lawn’)?  We couldn’t resist the temptation to go ahead and peel at back the ‘green lawn’!!  We just needed a peak!!  We were just as pleased as we had anticipated being!

Remember this sight?



…well look what we found underneath!!!!


Look at these solid oak floors!?!?  What finish should we use???


Wallpaper Woes . . .

The dining room, kitchen, and hall bath all had walls covered in wallpaper.  You can imagine the cloud of dread looming over us.     


Our initial concern was the age of the paper and that we would not only remove the wallpaper, but take Sheetrock, as well.  So imagine the relief we felt when we started to remove the dining room paper in full sheets!  Sheer Joy!!!


Now lets hope the other rooms come off as easy!!!!